Business Business Portfolio

Business Portfolio

  • High-end residences

    After more than 20 years of development, SRE Group has accumulated rich experience in the development of high-end residences by successfully building high-end brands such as Rich Gate, Albany and so on.

  • Commercial complex

    SRE Group exploits the advantages of construction, investment and operation to the full so as to create a city card, which sets business, office, finance, commerce, catering and other functions into one. It triumphantly developed various high-quality proj

  • Star hotel

    In the field of Star Hotel development, SRE Group has rich experience. It has developed several star hotels including Meilan Lake golf resort hotel and Skyway Pullman Hotel.

  • Urban comprehensive development

    SRE Group takes advantage of its own high-end property investment and construction and focuses on fusion and upgrade on modern urban finance and life function. It builds a series of products like financial city in key cities and core regions.

  • Primary land development

    SRE Group gives play to its own advantages on integration of industrial resources. It chooses districts that have certain scales in the vicinity of key cities. It builds modern urban areas that have multiple functions to upgrade the level of urbanization

Real Estate +

  • Industrial Park development

    SRE Group works with the government, enterprises, colleges and universities actively. On the basis of characteristics of the project, it creates industrial base with distinctive features and functional compound via platform construction, project incubatio

  • Education + Real Estate

    To meet diversified educational needs of the market, exert the linkage between education and real estate, SRE Group actively explores the educational industry layout by focusing on international education, promoting internationalization of talents and pus

  • Medical Care + Real Estate

    SRE Group focuses on residents’ needs for high-quality medical resources by integrating resources of health care industry from shareholders and its own and hence, the modern high-end community combined with “medical treatment, health care and habitat”.

Featured Town

  • Sports and Leisure Town

    SRE Group makes full use of ecology, culture, tourism, sports venues and other advantages to create a sports and leisure town with sound infrastructure, mature business matching, rich sports function, beautiful ecological environment.

  • Big data industry Town

    Taking big data industry as the core, this town links industry-leading enterprises to build a featured town that sets functions like big data display, transactions, experience and start-up into one.

  • Health care town

    Taking health care as the core, this town, supported by elderly care and health care, combines traditional Chinese and western medicine and hence becomes Integrative complex of industry-university-research cooperation for massive health service.

Overseas projects

  • Overseas Asset operations

    SRE Group has actively laid out the core area in gateway cities of developed countries by holding the operation of local quality assets. It now acquires the 41 London Tower Hill (Societe Generale headquarters building), twelve Moorgate and other projects.

  • Overseas Real Estate Development

    In the field of overseas real estate development, SRE Group gives full play of its experience in real estate development to expand real estate development projects in core districts and gateway cities like London, San Francisco, Sydney and so on.