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SRE Group organized activity for International Women's Day by “making preserved fresh flower”


In order to celebrate International Working Women's Day, SRE Group elaborately organized the activity for International Women's Day in theme of “making preserved fresh flower”.

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“Set the future from the heart” ——SRE Group campus recruitment for 2018 ended successfully


Dated until December 9, 2017, the second-round interview of SRE Group Campus Recruiting “Zhihui Plan” for 2018 brought to a successful close. After rounds of selections, about forty fresh graduates gathered in Shanghai to participate in this round of inte

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Concerted effort is like a fortress——SRE Group smoothly developed autumn training activity


In order to improve the team cohesion and promote the communication between staffs, from October 20th to 2017 21st, the group organized its staffs to develop autumn training activities for 2107 year.

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SRE Group 2017 interim results was announced:the net profit in the first half of the year was about


On August 29th, 2017, SRE Group’s performance conference for the first half of 2017 was held in Hong Kong. He Bingwu, Chairman of the board of directors, Peng Xinguang, CEO of the group and Zong Shihua, CFO of the group attended the meeting. They introduc

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